About Us

God-is-Able Church, with the Head Office at Km 2, Zaki Biam Road, Katsina-Ala, Benue State,


God-Is-Able Church building

Nigeria, is principally focused on ensuring that salvation(through the word of God), healing and deliverance are received by every one that comes into the sanctuary. The take-off of the work in the vineyard of God was in April, 2007. However, the process of corporate registration was finally concluded in October, 2011. At the moment of this information (May, 2013), the Church does not have any branch outside Katsina-Ala and, all activities and programmes are of the Church are organised and coordinated by the Head office.


At present, the Church, for effective performance, has the following departments.

  1. Sunday School.
  2. Administraton.
  3. Healing and Deliverance.
  4. Men and Women fellowships.
  5. Youth fellowship.
  6. Prayer/Intercessory.
  7. Choir, or Music.

Our Mission.

As we have said before, our principal focus is to ensure that the people receive salvation through the preaching of the unadulterated word of God according to Deut. 8:3. God does nothing without his word. It is the word of God that brings to pass everything into existence.

Our secondary focus is on the healing of afflictions, such as sicknesses and diseases, as well as deliverance from evil attacks and possessions (Psm.107:20). There is no abnormal happening in any person’s life that is not caused by a demonic force (evil power). And for us to overcome these forces, Jesus gave us the power over all of them (Luke.10:19) to heal various and medically incurable sicknesses and diseases (Matt.10:7-8), as well as to cast out devils (Mark 16:17). The job of every man of God is to ensure that people are saved. He that saves souls is wise (Pvb.11:30). It is the greatest wisdom that any man could have.

The need for salvation started in heaven and gave birth to the coming of Jesus Christ as the saviour of the world. It is therefore essential that Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) should follow his footsteps, even as he directed them (Mark 16:15-18 and Matt. 10:7-8). It is by this that we are encouraged and inspired to pursue this mission zealously, and in all sincerity of heart, with total submission to the will of the Almighty God. We know and believe that the grace is enough for us to accomplish this task (2Cor.1 2:9) and provide the strength al through the endeavour(Phil.4:13).

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